D3teamsite.com has many features to assist coaches throughout the year.

  • D3Teamsite allows you to create and maintain an online presence with intuitive controls that take only minutes to setup.
  • D3teamsite also offers ProTip- team apparel store which allows you to build and sell your own custom branded apparel online.
  • The team store also includes athletic equipment that you can sell year round, at a competitive price and receive a fundraised commission.
  • We give you administration access to review and or print reports of what items have been purchased.
  •

Coach/Team Sign Up

The purpose of D3teamsite is to provide non-profit groups with a website and team store. The website was built for teams to share information as well as a tool to fundraise. With this in mind, it's our goal to have the head coach of the organization be the authorizer. He or she may pass off the duties of updating the site although the head coach must be the point of contact for final decisions. Please fill in the appropriate fields so we can confirm your affiliation with the requested team. Register today and we can begin customizing your team site. Sign up now or See “Team Benefits” for more details.


If you’re looking for a particular team please type keyword(S) here Ex: Sierra College Softball, Kennedy High School Tennis Sacramento, Center Junior Cougar Football.

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